Sunday, December 19, 2010

DEXTER Season Finale: Enlightment vs. Impailment

A week later and I am still walking around pissed off and let down by the Dexter Season Finale. Season 4 ended with my jaw dropping on the floor, which I understand it is a tough act to follow, but seriously a kid's birthday party? The total opposite to finding your wife murdered in the bath tub, no? Where is the suspense in ending on Dexter blowing out Harrison's birthday candle? The only thing I was left guessing about was the flavor of the cake and if Angel feed in to Laguerta while saying something sexually dirty.

After reading several blogs and articles in search of the Dexter holy grail, a deeper meaning and enlightenment as to why the show ended on such a Chucky Cheese note, I began to understand the theme of the season -Morality. Everyone has difference ideas as to what is right and wrong, and in many instances it is hard to discern one from the other i.e. Dexter killing criminals, Lumen hunting down her torturers or Quinn turning the other way to keep his relationship with Deb. Each character struggled with their own internal conflict between good and evil and in the end all made peace, each leaving the season carrying their own dark passenger. Hopefully next season all the dark passengers will try to hail a cab at the same time and chaos will break loose in the streets of Miami!

But, if I wanted a lesson about morality I would have watched Lifetime! Dexter is a murder, which I clearly know is wrong - thanks to Hebrew School and the Criminal Justice class I took in college! So murder away Dex! I already know how wrong it is. Are you assuming that most of your viewers don't? Was this season a CYA in case one of us tries to emulate Dexter's kill room?

I will put this season down to being educational, brushing me up on the ethical conflicts of everyday life. However the coping mechanisms of this group are not shining examples on how to endure your struggles i.e. serial killing, sleeping with a co-worker, hiring a PI, forcing your friends to torture pretty girls because you once where the fat kid at camp (seriously Jordan Chase, they could have found a better way to kill you, I think death by chocolate would have been appropriate)
Lastly and mostly I WANTED LUMEN TO DIE! Julia Stiles no I don't want to Save the Last Dance, and yes I do have 10 Things I hate About You.

Dex, I held my breath for 60 minutes, only to exhale and blow out a measly birthday candle.

"I guess serial killers do get to have their  (birthday) cake and eat it too" 


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