Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood: Who's Smoking the Fairy Dust?

With each new episode of the season I find myself questioning True Blood’s authenticity? Which I know is ridiculous when the premise of the show is that vampires and a cornucopia of other creepy creatures live amongst us. But the more outlandish it becomes the less pleased I am! Weird how our perception of reality only takes us so far before something becomes completely implausible. I guess my threshold for fantasy meeting reality stops at werewolves? Vampires, shifters, maynards, telepaths all fine, but fairies pu-lease who believes in those?

The show definitely walks a thin (and I mean dental floss thin) line between reality and fantasy, and as of late has done so beautifully, aiding in my belief that most of what is happening in the show is real including Eric’s amazing abs! Let's be honest he must be downing a delicious Roidtini daily!

Last night this thin line was disintegrated by fairy dust. "Everything was broken" including my delusions of reality. Bill’s entry into fairyland robbed the show IMHO of  it's credibility and darkness. What is next unicorns, Leprechauns and magical rainbow rides?

Clearly the left side of my brain rules my body, math and logic don't make regular appearances in my control tower, so I am definitely intrigued by all the universe has to offer, but fairies are just too Disney. I must admit I tend to favor the existence of nightmarish creatures, this is potentially why I don’t sleep most night as I am still dreaming of Freddy Kruger busting through my door.

I do love love love Talbot's new digs, a Waterford crystal earn! Fancy! I can only hope Russell will be prancing around with his Talbot fruit salad for the remainder of the season!

Are you smoking the fairy dust? What is your reality to fantasy threshold?


  1. Carrying around his gross remains just freaked me out. What are Jason's girlfriend and her family supposed to be?

  2. You know i LOVE that show, but i'm feeling like it's pushing it too lately. How many more freakish creatures are they going to introduce? I think fairy land is what put it over the edge for me.
    But, I will gladly continue to tune in for Eric's abs if nothing else! ;-)

  3. I will continue to watch True Blood as long as Eric keeps showing off his sexy body. Sure, the fairies are a bit outlandish, but he's totally worth it.

  4. Yeah, I'm with you: unicorns and vampires don't mix. My poor husband, since the popularity increase of the "cold ones," he feels like he can't keep up. I'm the one saying: They aren't real!

  5. I love your blog... giving you some awards for being awesome! Swing by my blog to pick them up.
    All the best,

  6. I definitely agree. Some of their stuff is good, but it jumped out of realistic with me at the end of last season though I'm still watching. I save up about 4-5 episode then get together with the girlies to watch it. It's a great guilty pleasure day. Love the Eric ab picture. Think that will carry me through till the next episode spree on Friday.

  7. I think it is the chocolate hoarding elves! It is so nice to meet you. Thanks for participating in Fancy Meeting You. Rita from One 2 Try.

  8. We are an interesting species, able to suspend our disbelief deep enough to enjoy the craziest of ideas – as long as they follow a certain logic… That is why continuity is so important in film and theater so that the mind is drawn away from the story… I think what is happening in True Blood is that the writers have forgotten that their audience is capable of intelligent thought and will accept fantasy that stays within its own rules but will not accept chaos just to fill in what they can't do…

    SolarChief blog


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