Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shut-Up! It's Saturday Morning!!!

Who takes their kids swimming at 7AM ? I just woke up with the rings of Saturn around my eyes due to spending the wee hours of the morning trying to sleep with 2 little kids screaming"mamma, mamma, maamma" over and over again. They even penetrated my dreams, as I found myself laying at the pool with  my sister and a headache. Thank goodness they finally switched up their shrieks with what I could only make out to be Spanish nursery rhymes. It took all the power of my good conscience (I think the little version of myself with angels wings on my shoulder died of exhaustion) not to open my balcony door and yell "SHUT UP!" But I realize karma is a bitch and I will be the one with the screaming kid soon. Lord have mercy!

It is time to buy a house, I am done playing well with others.

"I now understand why the big bad wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood" - Cinderella


  1. I hear ya!
    Best part about a yard is the sound buffer!

  2. But just think, now when you're little ones are crying "Mama! Mama!" you will have the flashbacks from this life, and maybe, just maybe, you won't be one of these mothers who allows all the shrieking...'cause it's ok to say, "Shut the $#%$ up!" to your shrieking kids. It just is.

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