Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dating in the Dark: You Have A Great Personality, But Your Fugly!

The new season of Dating in the Dark is here, and I am as giddy as a school girl! I am not one who even mildly enjoys shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but I do love a good dating game with a sick twist, i.e. Joe Millionaire, Beauty and the Geek and the best yet Mr. Personality. So naturally I love Dating in the Dark. It is dramatic and provides me with instant gratification, just how I like it! No need to waste 3 months waiting to find out who is going home with someone and who is just going home crying.

Dating in the Dark puts 2 sets of strangers, 3 male and 3 female in a house for the equivalent of weekend. Long enough to find true love right? Here is the catch, they are not allowed to see each other with the lights on and can only conduct their dates in a room darker than the edge of space.

Ultimately they have to win over the heart of their compatible match with their personalities, but like for most  guys personality is not quite enough and it is hilarious watching them try to sneak an indiscreet flubber examine - Its pretty obvious that when a guy asks to feel your face he is checking for neck fat not how smooth your skin is!

Last night Joey was concerned about landing up with a "floater", who I quote "might blow up like a tick". Needless to say he went home alone. A fat chick is better than no chick loser. Take your chest hairs back to Jersey, you (and Jersey Shore) are giving the nice people of your state a bad name.

After 3 dates they are revealed in the light to the person they have pick,(and who many of the desperate women has deemed their soul mate)! The reveal is always so uncomfortable to watch, it is like staring straight into the sun!

Finally once they have seen each other in the light, the show sets up the contestants for one final blow. The guy is asked to show up to meet the girl. Way to set yourself up for rejection on National TV. The girl must wait anxiously praying like a nerd on prom night for her date to show up. Most times the girl is left mortified knowing that her alleged "soul mate" thought she was fugly along with all of America. Good luck trying to get this girl to now date in the light!  This can't be easy for someone who already seemed as emotionally stable as a teenager with a meth addiction. 

Out of all this the "thoughtfully deep" lesson ABC is trying to convey to America is: Looks should not matter! To bad in most instances it backfires. We are America of course looks matter! Have you not seen Doctor 90210, The Swan or Extreme Makeover, most of which air on your network? I am so confused??? I will try not to be too shallow while getting a boob job because I can't find true love. Sheesh!

Be sure to check out Dating in the Dark on ABC at 10PM Monday nights.

"Finding Prince Charming with the lights on was hard enough" - Cinderella


  1. Hi! I'm following you from To the Top! Great blog & I love the cinderella shoes above (altho you couldn't pay me to wear 'em) - (well, maybe you could for 10 minutes).

    Tina "The Book Lady"

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  4. Loved the title of this post...I had not heard the word "fugly" in a long time!

  5. Hey, great post, love the way you describe it.

    I will not go for something like dating in the dark, my motto is, you are gonna have the same amount of trouble with a less attractive girl, might as well have a stunningly beautiful one... in my case I got lucky coz I am the fugly one and she the princess...haha....

    Have a super day.


  6. Hey new follower from TTT, Cute blog, love the shoes! I would wear them just to put my feet up and look at how pretty they are!
    Hope you will stop by!

  7. I agree, it's hard enough dealing with finding someone in the light (not the final celestial light of the hereafter!) without dealing with the dark... great way of sharing your thoughts... come visit when you can...

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