Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ugly Step Sister's "Don't of the Day" Don't carry a fake!

If you know it is fake, news flash everyone else does too:

  • If you are wearing jeans from Wally World and  carrying a LV (Seriously there are no words)

  • If I can smell you coming a mile away? Why do these  things all smell like gasoline? I can only assume you are highly flammable - beware! WTF are these things made out of? 

  • If the gold or silver hardware looks like and actually is plastic

  • If the bag is broken and has not been repaired- designer bags NEVER break and if they do the store will repair it or replace it for free. A lifetime warranty is the least you can expect on a purse you opted to buy over you medical insurance for the year - fashion is always the cure

  • If you are driving a car that has an exterior item held on with duct tape. If you can't afford to fix your car  how are you carrying a $2000 Gucci bag?
If you can't afford the real thing don't opt for a knock-off made by poor third world kids. These kids are probably deathly ill from the fumes coming from the materials used to make a purse that ain't foolin' anyone - not to mention some have probably gone up in flames when trying to cook dinner. Carrying a fake makes you look less "rich" and "important" than carry a trendy bag that is actually in your own price range.

My favorite part of the recession is being able to afford bags that I could not always afford before. Opt for brands such as: Michael Kors, Coach, Cole Haan and Kate Spade rather than that "el cheapo" fake. Carrying a moderately priced designer bag during an economic crisis lets everyone know you still have a job (or at the least a fat severance check).

Here are some links to AMAZING deals for arm candy! (check out the sales section) (sign up for the sample sales up to 80% off)

Seriously I know it is tempting, but put down the fake already! Everyone knows you are fronting when you take your Motorola razor out of your D&G bag.

"Stop trying to squeeze into that glass slipper girl" Ugly Sissy

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