Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Haute Mess - Juicy Couture Catastrophy

Juicy Fields Forever - What the Haute?

  • Sigfried and Roy's wet dream
  • Looks like Satan is celebrating Easter this year
  • What a molesting Easter Bunny - look at all of his bastard offspring. This is why I am pro neutering.
  • The homeless of Wonderland
  • On the next episode of "Extreme Hoarders" ....
  •  I can hear time Tim Gunn screaming "Even I can't make this work!"
  • Alice in Wonderland + Woodstock + The Wizard of Oz + Hunter S. Thompson + The Beatles = Bad acid trip not new line of preppy girlie wear
  • I spy knock-off Chanel!
  • This is what happens when Freddy Kruger visits little girls dreams
  • Jordan Catalano are you lost again?
  • Way to divert our attention from the clothing
  • A dress up tea party for the committed - one sugar cube away from the insane asylum
  • Even John Lennon would not want to imagine this!
"Bring back my beloved sweat suites" - Cinderella


  1. As someone who used to be addicted to Juicy Couture, the new Juicy looks make me want to cry. I understand that Bird by Juicy Couture is now the line the company cares about (and why wouldn't they, with the elevated price tags?) but the Juicy brand itself is going astray.

    What happened to the amazing tracksuits and adorable leather bags? What happened to the classy event dresses? What happened to the quality that matched the price tags? All gone. I forgot which store, but I heard that one of the major department stores dropped Juicy due to low sales and quality.

    Come back, good Juicy, we miss you!

  2. That's it... I'm officially old... Wouldn't have given this a second look, much less a dissertation... but, well done, Cinderella, well done... come visit when you can...

  3. Haha love the commentary!


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  6. Im following through follow friday. Come visit my kitchen sometime. Nice to meet you.


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