Friday, September 3, 2010

The True Death! Trueblood Season Finale

The Trueblood season finale is only 1 short week away! I guess times flies when you are staring at Eric's abs and watching Russell spiral downward into complete lunacy. As the season comes to a rapid end I can only assume (in true Alan Ball style) the body count is going to start escalating faster than my appetite when confronted by a Cinnabon to the face.

Rumor is a major character is going to meet their maker (most likely the devil given this town's idea of fun), and I can only hope it is going to be Tara. I seriously can not take her doe eyed, teary faced, lip biting any more. I hope Franklin rises from the dead (remember they buried his remains -big mistake) and rips her freaking groveling head off. This will put both Tara and I out of our misery -problem solved!

The candidates who I think are "dead ringers" for death this season are:

Tommy - Sam's revolting brother. The boy needs serious anger management rehab, him and Mel Gibson could be biffies. I nominate Sam to kill him during a hardcore dog fit and you can throw their mom into the ring while you are at it!

Pam - She might sacrifice herself to save Eric. Girl you love that man too much, it is dangerous! But hey I can't blame you!

Jessica - Hoyt might have to kill her to save himself. She is now totally bat sh*t crazy about drinking his blood and might not be able to control those raging teenage hormones. On the other hand Summer and Hoyt's mom might drive a steak through her heart - not a great way to entice a man to marry you, jealousy not attractive and neither is your virginity.

Russell - He is no doubt going to burn in the sunlight, I just wish he would do so while grasping onto his chaffing dish of Talbot stew!

Arlene - She just tried to abort Renee's evil baby. This might mean war and the baby could kill her from within. If it is a vamp maybe it will eat its way out - EEW I just grossed myself out!

Jesus - He is tots a demon, I think LaLa is going to open a can of gay diva drug dealer on his ass. Maybe he will choke him with a pair of fishnets and hang it up by a boa in the town square. Just in time to be part of the Christmas decorations.

DYING to know who you think is going to BITE the dust?

XO Cinderella


  1. just found your blog through Follow Me back Tuesdays.....yes, I know it's Friday, But I'm now following you!! Would love you to check out my blog and do the same!!

  2. Just a note - I linked to your blog from my latest blog entry. Just thought you'd like to know. I'm really enjoying your blog, since I also love fashion and making fun of "Dating in the Dark."

  3. Hehehe..... no idea what you are writing about, but you sound pretty blood thirsty... :) Glad I am not close enough to pee you off...

    have a lovely day.


  4. LOVE True Blood-really dislike i canceled HBO! stopping by from FMBT and am your newest fllower


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