Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Real Housewife VS. Working Girl

So I have recently moved on in my career and am looking forward to the next chapter in my working life. Hopefully it will land me a corner office with a view in which I will lay on my expensive leather couch watching daytime television while demanding that my assistant brings me green tea lattes every 55 minutes (why round up?). Awww the "American Dream" I love this country!

Right now I am exploring all my options and in the interim experiencing the life of an Atlanta Housewife. Unfortunately I am not able to dedicate my day to shopping at Phipps Plaza, lunching at Saks, and finding out who my real farther might be while feuding with my best friend NeNe (your name might be the stem to all your problems in life that and your mini jumpsuits and thighs big enough to feed Africa). My days are filled with doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, grocery shopping and laying at the pool drinking ice tea. Not bad, but substitute the pool for a Tupperware party and I am living in the 1950's.

Time to  find a job or have a baby, so I have someone to talk to during the day. I definitely think the cleaning ladies at the gym are close to impaling me with their Swiffers if I don't stop trying to chat them up while I sweat and pant on the treadmill.I need human interaction!

So what would you rather be a "Working Girl" or a "Real Housewife"? I think if I applied my competitive nature to my life as a housewife, I might drive myself to the edge of insanity. Seriously I would lead myself down an ugly road of "best time" Olympics for vacuuming, loading the dishwasher and folding laundry. At least once I have kids I can peg them against each other and take bets. Also what would the cash prize be? A cup of tea and some homemade cookies I need dollar bills yo. An incentive other them my husband's love for my Teriyakie chicken. I am defiantly going with Working Girl till the kids arrive.

I guess I should stop blogging/bitching and start looking for an actual job. Unless someone wants to publish me? I am available for hire! Give me a break. You know I am good and people like me - SHAMELESS I know (and don't care).

Wish me luck, I hope to be the next Jen Lancaster by lunchtime and the next Tess MGill by the end of the week.

"Washing floors and scrubbing fire places is so Never Neverland, I have my eye on castle management" - Cinderella


  1. We're kind of in the same boat girl. I just made the decision to take a year off from working and be a stay at home mom while my kid goes to half day kindergarten.
    It's been a weird adjustment. I'm a highly social person too, so sometimes it does get a little lonely.
    I will say this, Twitter is like having company all the time, if you want it. And blogging is a good springboard for getting published. A lot of lit agents/publishers like to see that you have a following of people who read you before working with you.
    Keep in touch - i'm around!

  2. ahh.... I just don't know - I think I might have to be an Atlanta Housewife - as bad as that sounds, after being a Working Girl for going on 15 years and now with two kiddos in tow - being a 1950s house wife sounds good to me - LOL. Actually I would go completely bonkers and insane, but the thought is fun for a few minutes! :)
    I am a new follower - I would love a look back at my site - greendoordesigns.blogspot.com
    Jennifer (green door girl)

  3. I vote for working girl.
    I've always said that God put me in a situation where I HAVE to work... otherwise, I'd probably be in jail, after killing my kids!
    They're great girls, but they have sassy, sassy mouths!
    If you can land a part-time gig, that would be ideal. After the kiddies arrived, it just seems like I don't have all the time that I need in a a day... work gets in the way of life... life gets in the way of work.
    I love them both, but could use a little less of something (and more sleep!)

  4. Big D you crack me up! Jail is certainly not a better option for working! Keep working and stay out of prision!


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