Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gossip Girl Premiere - De Ja Vu??

A cup of Chai tea, my fav pj's, pink head band (of course)! and some Godiva chocolates - Check, check & check! I was as ready as a wasted sorority girl to watch the Gossip Girl season debut last night, unfortunately I think I was more prepared then the show's writers.

(spoiler alert)....

The opening was tre' wonderful and full of promise: designer shops, petite fours, fancy dress, lovin' it! I swear I could just watch Blair acting bitchy, rich, and self entitled for an entire hour and feel fulfilled. However, we are quickly flung from pish posh Paris right back into the dirty reality of NYC's upperside- Oh no! Suprise suprise, someone has a big secret, someone is missing (why does it always have to be CB, can't Dan disappear ), someone is lying about their identity...blah blah blah. Anyone else have a cold case of I have seen this all before or what the French like to call de ja vu? (or maybe there is just a glitch in the matrix).

I can only assume from the season previews that Chuck Bass has contracted a wicked case of amnesia, not the worst thing he can harvest from a sea of European women. Well he must be out of his mind to be wearing those hippie clothes. Henry Prince (CB's new amnesia name) I don't think I am going to like you!  A down to earth, appreciative Chuck Bass - BLECH! This is not what I tune in for! I can't stand to see Chuck wearing an outfit that is less than preppy and ridiculous! How can I channel "stuck up" and "privileged" when staring at Garth Brooks' look alike? Geez.  

So who thinks "Georgina's" baby is actually Dan's? Not I. I think she is involved with the Russians in a baby smuggling scheme? Snooze! How many more times are these fools going to fall for her trickery and why are they still letting her in the door? Resent your invitation, see if that works on demons!

I am not even going to discuss Nate's new storyline. How trifling! A crazy stalker pretending to be a rich society girl. As original as a LV on Canal Street.

I am trying to remain optimistic that the show will twist off into a meaningful and deep storyline and really bring it this season. But maybe I am just starting to see the show's true colors now that the glamouring effects of Chuck Bass are gone. Bring him back or I  might have to say:

"XO F OFF Gossip Girl!" - Cinderella


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  2. Ha I stopped taking the story line seriously a while ago otherwise I just get myself disappointed. The whole thing is a big joke, but the clothes and Blair's personality as you mentioned before is why I absolutely die for the show!

  3. @ JoJo you are so right, I guess I want it all!

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  5. I don't even watch the show yet I read your post from "cover to cover"...so to speak. You have such a terrific way with words!


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