Thursday, August 19, 2010

Diagnosis: Vacationitus


  • You need a night cap every night and your definition of "night" keeps getting earlier and earlier in the day.

  • Your idea of a mini vacay is turning your phone off for 5 minutes just to get some peace and quiet.

  • You spend way to much money on body cream, bath bombs and other Lush products just so you can create a spa in your bathroom & get away in the evenings.

  • You feel like you are crawling through the work day like a hung over college student trying to stay awake during a 3 hour econ lecture.

  • Coffee is not enough!

  • Your mind is as sharp as a wet noodle.

  • You let other people win arguments just so they will just shut up!

  • Your hair is frazzled and you have LARGE Bloomingdale's bags under your eyes and you don't even care!

  • You book a vacation 2 months out and put off everything important until after you are scheduled to return (2 months is a long time to check out of life unless you are in rehab or prison).

  • You truly believe all your problems and maybe even the world's could be solved if you could just getaway for a few minutes.
Treatment: 4 days at the beach with Prince Charming.

"Can I get arrested for writing my own prescriptions?" - Cinderella


  1. "Bloomingdale's size bags under your eyes" Love that. We're finally getting back down the shore this weekend. I can't wait. Haven't been since July 4th weekend.

  2. Lovely! Vacay is so important!! We are off to Destin!!

  3. You are bang on on all of these!

  4. I am sure no one can arrest you for the prescription you wrote out here... I hope you enjoy your mini vacation, symptoms are well defined and spot on, love the humor.

    Have a super holiday / weekend.


  5. Thanks for joining Admirer Monday.


  6. Oh, I so agree. Except with the hung-over college student part. As the parent of two of those, I refuse to believe they would ever be hung-over:)

  7. You probably won't get arrested for a vacation prescription :o)



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